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What is Digital Learning?

Digital Learning is the use of instructional material powered with the use of technology to expand knowledge and strengthen learning experiences. There are many different digital learning platforms that give you access to lots of information and learning experiences in many subjects. It provides you with professional learning opportunities designed to help you succeed in college and the career that you choose or currently in. Digital learning allows you to access information and classes on your own time and to follow the classes at your own pace. The content that is provided through these digital learning platforms is high quality academic material designed by instructors from all over the world.

This page has subject links on the left side of the page linking to helpful online digital learning resources to help expand your knowledge and to be a valuable resource of information. The current subject areas for digital learning we have available are, Books & Libraries, Language and Learning Tools, Math & Science, Online Courses, Presentation Makers, Social Science, and Study Tips.

Digital Learning Day

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Digital Learning Day is committed to spreading innovative practices and ensuring that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live. Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day provides a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practices and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes. This grassroots effort blossomed into a massive nationwide celebration as teachers realized that Digital Learning Day is not about technology, it’s about learning. It’s not about replacing teachers with technology, it’s about enhancing the role of the teacher in America’s classrooms.


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