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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I pay for printing?

If you are printing from a printer in the library from a library computer or from your laptop, you will use your Queens ID to pay for printing. Each semester, $21 is loaded on to your ID for printing purposes. Black and white prints and copies cost .07¢ per side. Color prints and copies cost .21¢ per side.

How do I print from an Everett Library computer?

First, you will need to log on to an Everett library computer. You may do this by entering in your Queens username and password. Once you're logged on, pull up the document you wish to print. Double check that printing preferences are the way you want them (double sided, double spaced, with page numbers, etc.) Once you've checked your document, hit the print button. If a pop up box appears, make sure that the name of the printer is the follow-me-printer. Hit print once more, and go find a printer. There are two follow-me-printers in the library on the main floor. Once you've located a printer, tap your Queens ID. The printer will search for your document, and it will appear on the screen. Touch the document on the screen, and hit print.

For questions regarding general campus printing, please visit the Information and Technology Services Self-Help site.

Can I print in color in the library?

Color printing is available in Everett Library. To print in color click print and change the printer properties to print in color.

How do I print from my laptop?

In order to print from your laptop, you will need to install the Follow-Me-Printer on your machine. Instructions can be found here.

Need support? Contact the ITS Help Desk at 704-337-2323 or email them.

How do I add more money to my print account?

Students receive $21 on their Queens ID for printing costs each semester. If you need to add more money to your print card, visit the Copy and Service Center in the basement of Trexler. You will need cash or a personal check to add money to your card.

For more information, you may contact the Copy and Service Center at 704-337-2311 or

How long can I wait before retrieving my document from the printer?

Print jobs sent to the printer are available for 24 hours to pick up. After 24 hours you will need to send the job to the printer again.

Can I print from a mobile device?

Yes. Here are the directions.

Where can I print when the library is closed?

Click here for an up-to-date look at Everett Library's hours. If the library is closed, printing is available 24/7 in Rex's Lair in Hall Brown Overcash Residence Hall. For questions regarding this space, contact the IT Services Help Desk at 704-337-2323 or email them.

Can I print on an Everett Library computer using my flash drive or USB stick?

Yes, you can! To use your flash drive or USB stick, plug the device into one of the USB ports on the back of the computer monitor. In order for this to work, you must plug in the device BEFORE you log on to the computer. Plug in the device, log on, and pull up your document.

For instructions on how to continue printing from an Everett Library computer, return to the FAQ sheet and click on "How do I print from an Everett Library computer?"

What internet browser works best with the library website?

The library website is equally compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Having trouble? Contact the Everett Library Information Desk at 704-337-2401 or by email.

How can I connect to the internet from my laptop?

This information can be found on the ITS Self Help site. Click here. Follow the instructions for your specific machine.

Need support? Contact the ITS Help Desk at 704-337-2323 or email them.

How many days can I check out books or DVD's?

Students may check out a maximum of 10 items in total of library materials for four weeks. These materials may be renewed for an additional four weeks if there are no requests for them. Videos are checked out for a period of 4 days.  Materials are subject to recall if they are needed.  The ID card issued by the University serves as the student's library card and this card is necessary for any student to check out items from the library.

How do I find articles?

Everett Library has access to a robust number of articles housed in our databases. To search among ProQuest and many others, click here.

How do I access databases from off campus?

Students may access electronic library resources from off campus. To do this, visit the articles or databases tab on the website. When you are prompted for credentials, enter in your Queens' username and password.

Questions? Contact the ITS Help Desk at 704-337-2323 or by email.

Can I reserve a study room?

To reserve a study room, use the study room reservation calendar. You must have a Queens user account to reserve a study room.

To look at a list of available study rooms, click here.

What is Mango Languages and how do I use it?

Mango Languages is a database dedicated to language learning. The resource offers tutorials on over 80 languages. Information on how to use Mango Language can be found here.

Can I check out headphones to use while in the library?

The library has free earbuds that you may keep and you can ask for a pair at the 

What do I do if the library doesn't have a book that I need?

Are you in need of a book that Everett Library doesn't have? Never fear! Queens has borrowing relationships with other universities, and this service is provided to students free of charge. Visit the InterLibrary Loan page to read about how it works and to make a request!

Questions? Contact Rachel Carter.

How do I get started with research?

For research assistance, you can always make an appointment with one of our librarians. Visit our library staff page to contact them.

Additional resources for research are ProQuest Research Companion and the Research 101 Guide.

How do I access ebooks?

Everett Library offers access to nearly 500,000 collections of ebooks, that span across many different disciplines. To browse these collections, please click here.

Questions? Contact the Everett Library Information Desk at 704-337-2401 or by email.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located in the basement of the library. If you are on the main level, proceed to the navy blue door near the elevator. Take the stairs to the lower level. The women's restroom is located on the right next to the MAC lab, and the men's is around the corner.

A gender neutral restroom is located on the top level of the library, near the Special Collections room.

How does the reserves process work?

For Faculty: If you wish to place an item on reserve for your students to use, please visit the Everett Library reserves webpage. Complete your request through the website. If you are interested in having the library acquire an item for you to place on reserve, please contact Sherrill Shiraz. To place a personal copy on reserve, bring it to the library at the attention of Sherrill Shiraz. Questions? Contact Sherrill!

For Students: If a faculty member chooses to place an item on reserve, students may access this item by requesting it at the Information Desk. Generally, reserve items are available to students for 2 hours at a time, unless otherwise specified.

Where is the bookstore?

The bookstore is located on the first floor of the Trexler Student Center. They can be reached by phone at 704-337-2413 or by email.