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Things Shared

A Queens' community collection of thoughts, recommendations and strategies for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.


Haley Hibbert Frey's Gardening Tips!

I am a ride-or-die farmers almanac reader/follower. I have their app on my phone so I can check the best days for gardening (and other random tasks!) based off of old farming records and lunar cycles. 

I also just kind of peruse instagram and pinterest for plant related things and then head down individual rabbits holes of information. I end up at a lot.  

I also have a few planty personalities that I'm friends with (on internet and for real) where I can ask questions and exchange pretty pictures. 

Are you on Instagram? if so, look for @twistedbotanicals, that is me and it is nothing but plant pictures from my garden or the greenhouse. I've been posting photos everyday for about a month now to try to help contribute beautiful content for people to enjoy.