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Humans of Queens

Humans of Queens is a project to encourage a more inclusive and cohesive community. By leaning into our curiosity about others, we hope to build bridges across our campus through one-on-one conversations. Humans are simply your friends and colleagues who are willing to meet with you to share their stories.


How do I sign up to be a Human of Queens volunteer?

Talk to Darryl, Joey, or Amanda. There is an orientation that we can share with you. And then we will ask you to fill out a Google Form so that we can post your profile on MyQueens.

How do I sign up to meet with a Human of Queens volunteer?

Go to MyQueens, sign in, and choose someone whose perspective you would like to hear. Email that person directly. 

How do I make our time together meaningful?

Be respectful. Each of you is taking time out of your day to meet with someone who's interested in a conversation.

Be an active listener. Active listening is a big part of making authentic conversations work. 

Don't try to change the other person's mind. Sometimes it's important to simply hear different perspectives.