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The selection of information pieces for Everett Library must be viewed within the context of the mission of Queens University of Charlotte and Everett Library.  Ultimately, the development and maintenance of the collection of Everett Library lies with the University Librarian.  Faculty input is vital to the selection of appropriate materials for inclusion in the Everett Library collection and Library faculty accept requests for information pieces which may be seen as particularly relevant to a specific class or subject need.

The appropriateness of content to support the academic curriculum of Queens University of Charlotte is the major criteria for evaluating a potential item for inclusion in the collection.  Additionally, five factors may also be considered in the purchase of an information piece including:  

(a) Lasting value of the content;
(b) Strength of the present holdings in the subject area or related areas;
(c) Cost;
(d) Type of format and strength of content;
(e) Value of author or reputation of publisher.

The library will consider the acquisition of materials in a variety of formats—print, electronic, and digital. Existing hardware, software, and other library equipment will be considered when selecting materials.

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Sherrill Shiraz
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