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Using OneSearch at Everett Library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Google Scholar

Google Scholar vs. Google: Google Scholar has scholarly articles and organizes them according to the relevance to your search. Google has mostly popular sources, and they're organized according to their popularity.

Google Scholar allows you to limit by date published. It also gives you the citation for the article and how many times other scholars have cited the article. Make sure to look for the PDF file for the article itself.

Use Boolean Operators




Limits your search

Connects unlike terms

For example: Colleges AND Recycling
This would search for any articles that have both the word colleges and the word recycling in them.



Expands your search

Connects synonyms

For example: Colleges OR Universities
This would search for any articles that have either or both words in them.



Limits your search

Removes the second term

For example: Colleges NOT "Community Colleges"
This would search for articles that have the word colleges but not the term community colleges.
Community colleges is in quotes because it is compound term.

Finding Specific Databases

Find the Everett Library's research databases by clicking on "Specialized Databases" at the top of the library's homepage.

All databases are listed alphabetically.  You can also use the dropdown menus to find databases by subject or type.


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