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Queens University of Charlotte Everett Library


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About the Library

Everett Library, located in the heart of Myers Park, houses a collection of more than 60,000 books and videos and approximately 100 print periodicals in open stacks.  Additionally the Library offers access to a wide range of electronic resources including e-books and academic databases to support scholarship and inquiry at Queens University of Charlotte.  Our Special Collections, a series of focused compilations which enrich the scholarship and knowledge of the overall library collection, contain a wide range of historical and archival materials as well as works of art and academic inquiry.

The library provides access to three separate computer labs, one of which consists of Macintosh computers.  Everett Library is also home to four reading rooms which offer space for private and group study.

Internet access is available at all public workstations in the library.  Wireless network access is available throughout Everett.   Our coffee shop provides refreshment and a place for group work, study, and socialization.  Come see us today!

Historical Overview

Everett Library is named in honor of Herschel H. and Cornelia Nesbit Everett.  Mr. Everett was a dynamic leader and philanthropist, both in Charlotte and on the Queens University of Charlotte Campus.  He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Queens from 1952-1967 and Acting President of the College in 1953-1954.

Built in 1960, the contemporary design of Everett Library uses an open modular plan that has three advantages: quick, direct access to the book collections, greater flexibility in arrangement of shelving and furniture, and centrality of staffing areas.  The original architectural design was a contemporary 1960s white pebble exterior by J.N. Pease & Co.  In 2000, Mr. John H. Sykes, Trustee of the University, donated the funds for a new portico renovation and an update of the library's information technology wiring.  Now a traditional Georgian style façade, mirroring the architecture of Queens' original buildings, unifies the campus.

The portico is dedicated to his wife Susan W. Sykes.  The central spandrel, a focal point for the original façade, is a 6-by-60-foot mosaic tile mural designed by the American muralist, Edmund Lewandowski.  The mural depicts the fields of knowledge included in a college library.  Its unity comes from the first, last, and central section. The Alpha and Omega of the first and last panels relate to the center section, which presents a number of religious symbols signifying the Presbyterian affiliation of the college.