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Research 101

Academic Research

Doing academic research is a process that can be done by taking some important steps.

1. Find a topic

2. Research your topic

3. Evaluate the resources you have found

4. Organizing information/ writing about your topic

This Guide also has information on other topics that wil help you with your research paper such as, source types and citations tools.

Getting Started

10 words and definitions to remember pointed out in video.

Research- It's looking for information on a topic that will help you prove a claim.

Claim- The thing you're trying to prove, sometimes referred to as the "main claim."

Thesis- Another word for your main claim.

Thesis statement- A formal version, usually one or two sentences, of your thesis.

Evidence- Anything that could be used to support your thesis statement.

Argument- Basically, your claim plus your evidence.

Data- A specific kind of evidence, often in the form of facts or statistics.

Sources- Articles or other kinds of information that you consult or cite in your final project.

Citing- This is what you do to avoid plagiarism and let your reader know where you found your sources.

Information literacy- A set of competencies that involve finding, evaluating, and using information.