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Everett Library Sound Studio

A guide to the usage and policies of the Everett Library Sound Studio

Statement of Purpose

Everett Library is proud to offer a video editing and sound recording studio for student use.  This is the only dedicated space for media recording on campus currently. You may check out the key for the room at the information desk; work singly or with a group to produce a professional media presentation that you can share with other students, faculty, or across the World Wide Web. Voice and instrument recording may be done with Garage Band software and our Rode Podcaster microphone.  

Everett Libary Sound Studio


Everett Library provides an iMac, running Yosemite. This machine is equipped with a Rode Podcaster Microphone and shield for echo. Speakers are available for playback, or headphones may be checked out at the Information Desk. Garage Band, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro are available for sound recording or video editing. 

Web Links

Here are some links to free recording software that you can use on your personal computer. Use the LAME Codec link listed below to change the file format to MP3 (Universal standard) when exporting from Audacity