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Free Digital Research Tools

This guide provides a list with descriptions of different research tools to facilitate research. Tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) are noted.

What is this guide for?

This guide is a curated list of free tools that can help users conduct research in different fields.

Most of these tools are powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

These tools are different from databases or search engines because these tools do more than return results based on search terms you enter. These tools:

  • Try to answer your questions (like ChatGPT or other AI chat programs)
  • Show connections between different papers across multiple fields
  • Help you build a search by visualizing relationships between ideas within a search

These research tools are just a few of the many AI-powered and other tools out there. For a more comprehensive guide that includes educational and content-generating AI tools, check out these resources: 

How do I read the articles I find with these tools?

Many of the tools listed will provide direct links to the articles they return. Some of these links will enable you to read the article online or download a pdf:

If the link takes you to a page with an option to purchase the article, do not pay for it.

Instead, try these steps in this order:

1. Search in the Everett Library's OneSearch for the article. You can try the DOI, article title, or the full citation:

2. Search Google Scholar for a free version of the article:

Google Scholar Search

3. Ask a librarian to help you find the article:

Disclaimer for Students

Per Queens' Academic Affairs Department:

"The use of AI Tools is prohibited for coursework unless explicitly communicated by the course instructor. If the instructor has given explicit direction that AI Tools may be used (such as but not limited to ChatGPT, QuillBot, DALL-E, or Bard), you must acknowledge the material produced with a citation for any assignment for which it was used. Their use should be limited so that they do not interfere with the student learning objectives for the assignment and the course."

Check with your professor before using these or any other generative AI tools for your assignment.