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HSS 351: Parenting in Contemporary Society

A guide to accompany HSS 351

Databases for Health & Human Services

Subject Terms

The trickiest part to any research is finding the right words to use to describe your topic.  What you call something may NOT be what it's called in the database you're searching. 

Here are some subject terms under "Parenting" that are good to use:

  • Authoritarian Parenting   
  • Authoritative Parenting   
  • Childrearing Practices   
  • Parent Child Communication   
  • Parent Child Relations   
  • Parental Involvement   
  • Parenting Style   
  • Permissive Parenting   
  • Childrearing Attitudes   
  • Parental Attitudes   
  • Parental Characteristics

Subject terms under "Parents":

  • Ancestors   
  • Family Members   
  • Adoptive Parents   
  • Fathers  
  • Foster Parents   
  • Homosexual Parents   
  • Mothers  
  • Single Parents
  • Stepparents   
  • Surrogate Parents (Humans)   
  • Expectant Parents  
  • Inlaws   
  • Parental Characteristics
  • Parental Death   
  • Parental Expectations   
  • Spouses

Subject terms under "Family":

  • Biological Family   
  • Extended Family   
  • Family of Origin   
  • Interethnic Family   
  • Interracial Family   
  • Nuclear Family   
  • Schizophrenogenic Family   
  • Stepfamily   
  • Dysfunctional Family   
  • Family Background
  • Family Crises   
  • Family History   
  • Family Members  
  • Family Planning   
  • Family Relations   
  • Family Resemblance   
  • Family Structure