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Library Policies

A guide to Everett Library policies

Conduct in the Library

Internet Access

Internet access is provided in the library for faculty, staff, and students only.  Patrons using the Internet are expected to use this resource in an ethical and lawful manner. Internet access is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Computer software and many other sources accessed over the Internet are protected by the federal copyright law. Patron use of the Internet must be in compliance with copyright law. Patrons found to be making use of the Internet in ways that do not conform to copyright law will be denied access to the Internet.

Patrons are advised that they may encounter material, which may be considered offensive or objectionable in nature or content. Queens University of Charlotte does not assume responsibility for the content of these sources.

Patrons are expected to comply with legal and ethical standards. Certain behaviors are forbidden, including but not limited to:

  • damage or disruption to hardware or communications, such as virus creation or propagation
  • deletions, examination, copying or modifications of files of data belonging to Queens University of Charlotte or other users without their consent
  • use of the system or network in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to remote systems or to view or capture data
  • any attempt to create, display, transmit or make accessible threatening, racist, sexist, obscene, or harassing language or material

Failure to comply with these policies will result in the loss of access to the Internet. Students may also be charged through the student disciplinary system.

Quiet in the Library

All patrons using the library are asked to be courteous to other patrons and to keep conversational levels low. If asked to do so by a patron, library staff will speak to those who are disturbing others.

Phone Use

Patrons are permitted to use cell phones while in the library.  However, as a courtesy to all patrons, everyone is asked to keep ringers on silent or vibrate and to speak quietly while on the phone.  If possible it is preferred that patrons take cell phone calls in the library stairwell or outside the building.  At the foot of the library stairwell is a telephone that can be used by all library patrons for campus and local calls. This phone can be used for long distance calls with a calling card or long distance code. Except in special circumstances, visitors to the library should not use any of the phones provided for staff use.

Food and Drink

Food is permitted in the library.  Beverages in closed containers (e.g., bottles, sports cups) can be brought into the building. Patrons will be held responsible for any damage caused by food and beverages.

Theft and Vandalism

Library materials are the property of Queens University of Charlotte and are not to be removed unless such removal is in compliance with library policy. Theft or vandalism of library materials is considered a serious offense and will be handled accordingly.

The library is equipped with a security system to protect its holdings. Library staff may, at their discretion, ask a patron to return to the Welcome Desk should the alarm sound upon exiting. Library staff reserves the right to search contents of bookbags, briefcases, and other parcels, and may ask the patron to remove items from these containers for closer inspection.


Unaccompanied children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the library. Children of any age will be asked to leave should their behavior become disruptive.