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Becoming a Librarian


Becoming a Librarian

The policy of the American Library Association (ALA) states:

"The master's degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (or from a master's level program in library and information studies accredited or recognized by the appropriate national body of another country) is the appropriate professional degree for librarians."

A Master's degree from an ALA-accredited Library and Information Studies program prepares you for a professional career in library and information science. Although you are not required to attend an ALA-accredited program, the majority of employers require an ALA-accredited master’s for professional positions.  Most do not have the liberty to change this requirement.

There is usually no specific program of undergraduate study required for entrance into master's level library and information studies programs.  Whatever your area of interest --be it art, music, law, psychology, medicine, etc.-- there is a place for you in the field of librarianship.  

"Becoming a Librarian", American Library Association, June 10, 2008. (Accessed November 13, 2017)

Library Career Resources

Master of Library Science Programs

There a number of Library school programs in the United States and here in North Carolina there are four programs to choose from. You will have many things to consider before choosing a graduate program in library science, such as cost, location, and career options. You will also want to consider if you want to have face to face instruction, online, or hybrid courses when deciding on what university you choose. Click on the links below to learn more about the accredited programs that are available and the four library schools here in the state.

ALA Accredited Master's Programs

North Carolina Library School Programs