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A guide to basic information sources on the discipline of psychology.

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles Video

Peer Reviewed Articles

Is it Scholarly? Is it Popular?

Scholarly Literature

Scholarly literature is written by researchers who are experts in their fields. They submit articles to journal editors in their field of study, who decide whether or not to publish the articles. 

Some scholarly literature is held to an even higher standard. These are peer-reviewed articles, and they are reviewed by experts in the field, in addition to the editor of the journal, who suggest possible changes to the article before it can be published. 











Examples of Scholarly Literature in Health Administration:

Policy, Politics, and Nursing Practice

Psychological Review

Healthcare Executive

Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research

Journal of Health and Human Services Administration

Human Resources for Health

Journal of Healthcare Management





Popular Literature

Popular articles are written by journalists, who are employed by the publication for which they write. Journalists cover news, profiles of people, places, or events, and express political opinions. 




Examples of Popular Literature:

The New York Times



National Geographic

Psychology Today

Science News


Thanks to Rutgers University for some of the content of this box. See Popular Literature vs. Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Literature: What's the Difference? for more information. 

Types of Sources