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Google Scholar

Cited Reference Searching

One of the most useful aspects of Google Scholar is the "Cited by" function.

This enables you to search for articles that have cited a given source.

Follow the steps below to find citing articles, search within those articles, and use advanced search within those citing articles:

How To Use the "Cited By" Function

Finding Citing Articles

Copy and paste the article title (it's best to put it in quotes) or full citation into the Google Scholar search bar.

When you find the article, click the "Cited by" link under the article title and snippet:

Google Scholar search result with "Cited By" link highlighted


This link will take you to a results page of all articles indexed by Google Scholar that cite the original article.


Searching Within Citing Articles

You can scan through these results, but you can also search for specific keywords, authors, or other terms within the articles that cite the original article.

On the results page for citing articles, click the checkbox for "Search within citing articles" under the search box:

Google Scholar search box with the "Search within citing articles" checkbox highlighted


Advanced Search Within Citing Articles

You can also do an advanced search within citing articles.

Click the menu icon at the top left of the page (3 horizontal lines):

Google Scholar search results page with menu icon highlighted


Click "Advanced Search":

Google Scholar menu with "Advanced Search" highlighted


You can now search for specific keywords, exact phrases, authors, exclude terms, or specify dates within articles that cite your original article: