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QEN 101: Hashtag This

A guide to basic information sources for the Hashtag This class, QEN 101.


Digital Disconnect: Fake News, Privacy, & Democracy - This film trains its sights on the relationship between the internet and democracy. Tracing the internet's history as a publicly funded government project in the 1960s to its full-scale commercialization today, the film traces how the revolutionary, democratizing potential of the internet has been radically compromised by the growing and unaccountable power of a handful of telecom and tech monopolies.

#power: unharnessing the hashtag for learningFrom marketing products to protesting injustice, hashtags are everywhere. Often used as descriptors for our personalities and punctuations for our moods, hashtags become headlines or let us know which headlines are trending. During TEDxChandlerPublicLibrary Michelle Martinez explores how hashtags can be a powerful tool when used for learning, identity formation, and creating online communities.

P.S. I Can't Breathe (Black Lives Matter) - This documentary welcomes dialogue around racial inequality, policing, and the Criminal Justice System by focusing on Eric Garners case. We hope viewers will increase their understanding of issues plaguing Black and Brown Communities by witnessing a massive group of protesters unite for the purpose of justice.

#ReGENERATION: A Documentary - Ryan Gosling narrates this engrossing film about social activism, the forces that galvanized the Occupy movement, and how a new generation of young people is coming to terms with a rapidly changing world.


1) Hashtagify - Search and analyze any hashtag by exploring related hashtags, examining hashtag popularity, top hashtag influencers, and the location(s) of where hashtags are being used.

2) Keyhole - Search for hashtags and analayze the data through timelines, related topics, top posts, & user demographics.

3) Tagdef - Look up hashtags to find their definitions, add your own definition, and see which hashtags are currently trending.