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Open Educational Resources

A guide to help faculty find and use Open Educational Resources.


The following are curated collections specific to subject areas in the sciences. This is not an exhaustive list, and you can also search for subject-specific OER in the search platforms on the Find Open Educational Resources page.

OER in General STEM

Find OER across scientific disciplines below:

  • TU Delft OpenCourseWare
    • From Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    • Full undergraduate and graduate level courses
    • Focuses on engineering, math, and applied sciences
  • PhET
    • From the University of Colorado at Boulder
    • Interactive simulations and activities to demonstrate concepts in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science
    • Create a free account to access teaching resources to go along with the simulations


  • LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library
    • A partnership of the Ecological Society of America, Botanical Society of America, and the Society for the Study of Evolution
    • Online resource portal for biology education in ecology, plant biology and evolution
    • Lecture slides, activities, figures, lesson plans, and more all reviewed before acceptance
  • New York City College of Technology Biology OER
    • Complete courses for general biology and molecular & cell biology
    • Includes syllabi, content, graphics, and more


  • ChemCollective
    • From Dr. David Yaron and Sandra Raysor (Carnegie Mellon University) and Dr. Ryan Dwyer (University of Mount Union)
    • Virtual labs, simulation-based learning activities, tutorials, concept tests, and full courses


  • Engineering Library Division Open Textbooks
    • From the American Society for Engineering Education, hosted by Florida Institute of Technology
    • Open textbooks organized by engineering discipline
  • Engineering OER Guide
    • From Iowa State University
    • Materials in diverse engineering sub-disciplines and integral skills like programming languages, software, etc.
    • Thorough listing of engineering materials including open textbooks, learning activities, full courses, and more


  • American Institute of Mathematics
    • Open textbooks approved by the AIM editorial board
    • Contains supplemental materials like exercises and videos on some topics
  • Math Is Power 4 U
    • Comprehensive set of video tutorials on math concepts from basic number sense through advanced calculus


  • Open Source Physics
    • From the American Association of Physics Teachers
    • Interactive textbooks and exercises divided by fields within physics
    • Also see comPADRE for additional textbooks, programs, and materials in related fields